Old Monk Rum (7 year old rum)
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One of the softest and mildest rums in the world. This rum matures in selected wooden barrels for more than seven years. The result is a wonderfully balanced taste, soft and mild, very aromatic and with a long finish.

Special feature: 7 years stored in oak barrels and produced in India. Best to drink lukewarm. Old Monk is a good rum for beginners, which should also taste good for those who don't really like rum. You would hardly call it a top rum, but in its homeland it is the oldest, best known and one of the best-selling dark rums in India.

Characteristics: Colour: dark brown, which does not necessarily have to be of natural origin. Aroma: Like vanilla, very intense, almost like vanilla essence, but not unpleasant. Extraordinarily chocolaty, somehow.

Taste: Very soft, mild, again vanilla and chocolate flavors. Very good rum can also come from this region of the world, mild and slightly malty.

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